Our Vision

Our Goal is to Help Poor People

Our Aim to work for Social upliftment and Development of underprivileged societies of India with a special focus on rural arears, women and children, development of Model village etc

  • Have enough food for life.
  • Poor children can return to school.
  • Support poor people to have better jobs.

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Organizational values

Organizational values describe the core ethics or principles which the company will abide by, no matter what. They inspire employees' best efforts and also constrain their actions over time, improve the organization’s ethical character as expressed in its operations and culture.

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Our Core Values Commitment is the foundation of all that we do, SOCIETIES OF BOKAJAN GREATER upholds the following core values:

  • Innovation

    Employees should be encouraged to be dynamic and come up with innovative ideas that can translate into successful products for the company or an organization.

  • Respect

    Respecting all the employees means respecting their individual human rights and privacy, eliminating all kinds and forms of discrimination whether based on religion, belief, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender or physical disability.

  • The Trust Factor

    Values are the gateway to trust, which he calls “the most valuable asset of any company.” Over the long term, having repeat customers and developing meaningful relationships creates trust and brings tangible benefits to an organization.

  • Innovativeness and Creativity

    Pursuing innovative and effective solutions, creative ideas, and ongoing improvement. Innovation is a key driver for our growth.

  • Integrity

    Building entire business should be on the foundation of honesty and integrity goes long way into building a strong, trusting relationship with its employees, stakeholders and the customers. SOCIETIES OF BOKAJAN GREATER are committed to honesty, accountability, and transparency in all our endeavours.

  • Social Justice and Equity

    SOCIETIES OF BOKAJAN GREATER will work to promote equality, dignity, especially with regard to the poor and marginalized.

  • Equality

    SOCIETIES OF BOKAJAN GREATER believe in the equal value of every human being and the importance of respecting and honouring each individual; we know that change happens through people as our main tagline is “Equal Opportunities for Dignified Living”.

  • Drive

    Organizations that have this principle as one of their core values try to provide a dynamic platform to their employees where they can explore their creativity and skills and further enhance themselves. Organization should acknowledge that the employees are the most valuable resources in the organization.

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    Sukhanjan, Karbi Anglong, Assam – 782480



    SOCIETIES OF BOKAJAN GREATER is a Non-Profitable Organisation establishes in 2003 and Registered under The Societies Registration Act.


    Sukhanjan, Karbi Anglong, Assam - 782480


    It has come up with an aim to work for the social upliftment and development of underprivileged societies of India.

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